Count Characters, Words, Sentences, Lines

Display: Cursor position. Selected count. Custom count. Native spell-check.
Character Word Sentence Line Column
Total count is: 0 0 0 0
  Instant. Do not count spaces HTML tags. Count line breaks as spaces.
Wrap is on off. Monospace font. automatically counts and displays the number of imputed characters, words, sentences, lines, and columns. Type or paste text in the input box, and this word counter program will automatically keep a track of the number of characters, words, sentences, lines, columns, space counts, and HTML tags.

This word counter has a few other distinct features outside of counting inputted words and sentences. One function is used to locate the cursor position in the inputted text. Check the cursor position box and place the cursor anywhere in the text, and the cursor location information will appear above the total count row.

The selected count function specifically counts the number of characters, words, sentences, and lines in a highlighted text group. Custom count and a native spell check functions are also readily available in this word counter. Additionally, this word counter program lets you decide whether or not to include line breaks as spaces. It also provides an option to include spaces and HTML tags in counted text content.

The clear text button (C) erases all text. The select all button (S) selects all text. This can be helpful regarding copying and pasting of text from one program to another.

The word frequency function shows how often words are being used in the text. This function allows you to see which words you are using the most and the percentages of each used word. This can help you to see which words you may be overusing while you write.

Another feature of is an instant function. Some may prefer to see word counts as they type while others may prefer to check the word count when they finish preparing a document or reach a certain point in the writing process. It pauses counting of all previously typed or pasted text until you are ready to view counts. The word counter will not display any counted contents until the instant function is turned off.

Below the text box are a few text display adjustment functions. Turn on the wrap function and the text no longer appears as lines. Instead it will appear as presented in a word document with margins. Turn on Monospace font to change the text font to a more formal, classical style. Finally, there are the unix and dos options to match your desired format.

Due to the word count function and its distinct features, the word counter program at can be beneficial to seasoned or burgeoning writers, students of all ages, and anyone looking to improve reading or typing speeds. allows writers can see if they are overusing words, find keywords, use the spell check function, and easily obtain a word count for whole documents or certain amounts of text.